Hello! My name is Steven Adams, an Ohio based Singer/Producer/Recording Engineer/Mixing Engineer. I started singing at the young age of 4 where my mother sat at the piano and made me sing until I got the pitch right. It wasn’t until my teenage years that I really developed a passion for making music. I have sang in several groups throughout my life and have, over the years built up a home project studio. You can check out my studio website at http://thetheaterstudio.com.

I provide high quality vocal singing from lead to harmony. Single track or multi track recordings in either MP3 or WAV format or both if you need. I can Produce or Co-Produce tracks for you, and Professionally Mix and Master your tracks.

Here on this website you will find examples of vocals I have done. If I have recorded a song, you will find it here… The good, the bad and yes, even the ugly… I provide them as a chronicle of my Journey as a Singer/Producer/Engineer. There are some clunkers for sure but there are some gems as well. 🙂

Take a listen to some of the samples, buy a track if you like it or buy a complete project to get a good sense of what I am about.